Room hire prices

Rooms are available for hire within normal business hours.  You can book on a day or half-day basis, or by the hour.

  Capacity Full day Half day Hourly
      Meeting room 1 20 £440 £250 £85
      Meeting room 2 10 £270 £160 £55
      1 & 2 combined 30 £660 £390 £130
      Library 4 not available £100 £35

 Room hire rates are vat exempt.



Our selected suppliers offer a high quality range of catering options for a cold finger/fork buffet or a working lunch.  We will be pleased to provide menus and price lists on request.

More information

To view images of our rooms and a floorplan, please download our meetings brochure.

To book

Please contact:

Tracey Ward
Catering & events assistant
Direct line: 020 7520 5900


Tracey Ward

Events/Catering Assistant

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