Job Vacancy

Chief Operating Officer

Teachers Building Society

Role Title:                Chief Operating Officer                                                                     

Band:                       Executive      

Department:             Executive                                                                                

Responsible to:        Chief Executive   



1) To design and implement plans that deliver the strategic operations and technology objectives as detailed in the Society’s Corporate Plan.

2) To manage all operational and information technology areas of the business, so that the Annual Plans targets are met whilst being compliant with all prudential and conduct regulations/principles and statutory obligations.

3) As a member of the society’s executive team, to play a key part in commercial, tactical, strategic and management decision making 


Reporting directly to the Chief Executive:

• Member of ExCo, Credit Committee, Conduct & Operational Risk Committee, Product Governance Committee and ALCO (Chair). A key contributor to and participant in executive management decision making 

• Manages and provides strategic direction to the Society’s operational and technology areas, namely:

                o Member Services (incorporating mortgages and savings administration)

                o arrears management

                o underwriting 

                o IT systems and infrastructure Quality Assurance

• Fully accountable/responsible for  operational and I.T. budgets 

• Responsible for effective management of risks (including conduct risk) pertaining to operations and I.T. Unlimited joint signing authority for cheques and other payments

• Audit and Risk Committee and Board attendee and key contributor

• 4direct reports managing a further 15 staff

• A Senior Management Function under the Strengthening Accountability in Banking Regulatory Regime


• To devise and implement plans as required to deliver tactical and strategic objectives.

• A key contributor and participant of ExCo, ALCO, Credit Committee, Conduct & Operational Risk Committee and the Product Governance Committee.  

• To ensure Board and managers are provided with appropriate Management Information for the areas of responsibility

• To develop and continuously improve the Society’s operational processes and systems, including IT capabilities and infrastructure, so that the agreed operational and financial targets specified in the annual Corporate Plan are delivered.

• To develop, implement and continuously improve an integrated operations and IT strategy which will optimize the Society’s operational effectiveness and deliver the Society’s annual Corporate Plan and the agreed long-term business strategy in a cost effective manner.

• To oversee supplier management/procurement activities pertaining to operational and I.T. contracts

• To plan the Society’s operational resource needs in order to meet quality, cost and timeliness objectives,  based on the ongoing modeling of prospective business requirements   

• To organize the functional responsibilities in the operational and I.T. areas in an optimized manner so that the financial and operational targets in the annual Corporate Plan are delivered.

• To effectively delegate day-to-day management of the operational and I.T. areas, ensuring that the overall financial and operational targets are met and, where beneficial to the business, exceeded. 

• To ensure that the role’s direct reports manage their staff effectively and in accordance with the Society’s procedures, values and culture, maximizing productivity whilst  ensuring  staff are motivated, engaged and ,  appropriately skilled for their roles.

• To ensure that risks, including conduct risks, attributable specifically to the Society’s operational and I.T. activities are appropriately identified, recorded, managed and, where appropriate, mitigated. Where  relevant,  to take responsibility and be accountable for the acceptance of such risks.

• To ensure that the operations and I.T. functions operate in such a way as to ensure that the Society is compliant with its regulatory and statutory obligations.

• To ensure that in dealing with customers, the Society at all times delivers the FCA’s  Treating Customers Fairly outcomes and the society’s service values and principles.

• To manage the operations and I.T. functions within the agreed annual operations budget.

• Be responsible for all data protection matters within your area of responsibility



• Strategic Leadership & Planning– Creating and achieving a desired future state (vision) through influence on organizational values, individual and group goals, reinforcements, and systems. Establishing a course of action to accomplish a long-range goal or vision; allocating resources – human, material, financial; defining intermediate goals and contingencies

• Individual Leadership (Influence) – Using appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to inspire and guide individuals toward goal achievement; modifying behavior to accommodate tasks, situations, and individuals involved.

• Impact – Commanding attention and respect; able to swiftly gain the confidence of senior colleagues; able to project authority as a senior executive.

• Innovation – Generating creative solutions to work situations; trying different and novel ways to deal with organizational problems and opportunities

• Enabling Change – encourages a positive attitude to change and the initiative to take on new ideas.  Recognises, considers and manages the risk of change.  Focuses people, plans and activities in the right direction

• Organizational Analysis – Determining the most effective organization and information flow to accomplish a goal or strategy

• Decisiveness (Judgment) – Making timely decisions; rendering judgments; taking action when appropriate; committing to a side or position

Teamwork – active participation in, and facilitation of, team effectiveness; taking actions that demonstrate consideration for the needs of others; being aware of the effect of one’s behaviour on others and demonstrating to the application of the society’s values and culture through leading by example 


At least 5 years relevant experience in a financial institution  (required)

Experience of developing and implementing operational and IT strategy (required)

Knowledge of IT strategic and operational issues as they may affect  banking or building society operations (required)

Comprehensive  knowledge or ability to quickly develop such knowledge of regulatory requirements applicable to banking or building society sector (required)

Experience of managing banking or building society operations (desirable) 

Experience of managing and motivating a team recognizing and demonstrating the importance of people, culture and values in delivering success (required)

Experience of senior management or otherwise contributing to the strategic direction of a business (required)

Contact:  Jo McLean, HR Manager
T: 01202 843501 / Mob: 07917 105855