Annual Conference 2017

3 & 4 May 2017, London

Gain an understanding of the key issues facing our sector through our thought-leading keynotes, workshops, exhibition floor and social events.

This year we will discuss:

  • Mortgage retention strategies – how to reward members while remaining profitable.
  • The home owning journey of the future – how digital will disrupt the mortgage world.
  • Organisational resilience - improve your ability to identify, respond and adapt to significant operational interruptions.
  • The workforce of the future - are you taking an innovative approach to transform your workforce and attract, engage, develop and inspire talent?
  • The challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in a post-referendum UK, for business, for our economy and for building societies in particular
  • What it means to be a modern mutual
  • Applying Continuous Improvement techniques in building societies
  • Digital transformation - is it just the latest fad to make businesses invest in more technology?
  • Lending into retirement - the results of BSA research looking at the trajectory for future mortgage borrowing into retirement over the next twenty years and what they mean for building societies looking to serve the UK’s ageing population and engage with the wider policy issues.
  • Cyber security - how you deliver a powerful user experience whilst ensuring the highest levels of security
  • Supporting local housing need - how can building societies help their communities by supporting and encouraging a range of approaches to housing supply?
  • The image clearing system – what it means for building societies
  • Innovation as a competitive advantage in building societies
  • Supporting the vulnerable customer – how should we support the customer of the future whose only regular interaction with their building society will be via remote channels?


Business Design Centre, Islington, a vibrant area of north London wth many independent shops, bars and restaurants, close to the major transport hubs of Kings Cross and St Pancras International stations.

Museum of London, in the heart of the city, which tells the story of London from its first settlers to modern times.

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