HMRC insights webinar

20 March at 12 noon

This is the latest instalment in a series of BSA member-only webinars produced by PwC to discuss issues facing the building society sector.

Tax is an ever more complex and broad subject and one that continues to evolve. It is also an area that we are increasingly seeing members, staff and other stakeholders be interested in from a reputational perspective. 

This is an opportunity to hear directly from HMRC about its non-LBS team working with building societies, the issues that it sees giving greatest concern and areas that it is focusing on.  The webinar will be hosted by PwC’s building society sector tax leader Susie Holmes with a presentation by Lucy Arundel who leads HMRC's "mid sized business team" that works with building societies.

We have already identified a number of areas to cover including:

  • an introduction to Lucy and her team and how that team works with building societies.
  • the Banking Code of Practice and governance over tax; what does HMRC expect from a building society?
  • AEOI – CRS and FATCA are now BAU; what compliance issues has HMRC found? 
  • making tax digital; what's happening now and what's next?

If you would like other areas addressed or have particular questions to ask, please let know by Wednesday 13 March.  (Any such requests will, of course, be dealt with anonymously.)  This will help HMRC ensure you get feedback during the webinar itself.  You will also be able to submit questions/comments through a “chat” function during the webinar. 

Maximum one hour. 

To register, please email  (BSA members only)
PwC will send you a link and instructions on how to attend the webinar nearer the time.


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