National minimum wage webinar

Wednesday, 9 May at 12 noon

This is the latest instalment in a series of webinars produced by PwC to discuss various issues facing the building society sector. 

National minimum wage regulations have been in place since 1999, but in the last 12 months HMRC activity in policing employers’ compliance with the rules has increased.  A strict interpretation and rigid application of the regulations by HMRC has resulted in some employers unwittingly underpaying employees and being required to make good these arrears.  Added to that is the maximum 200% penalty and the "naming and shaming" of any employer with total underpayments of more than £100. This is a significant risk area for employers both in direct cost terms and to their reputation.  While it is the retail and hospitality sectors generally making the headlines, the financial services sector has now started to ask questions.

This members-only webinar will focus on:

  • the basics of NMW and HMRC's approach
  • common pitfalls 
  • how building societies might be affected
  • what you should be doing now to comply.

The webinar will be hosted by PwC's building society sector tax leader Susie Holmes and include a presentation by Richard Travis, an employee taxes and national minimum wage specialist with financial services sector experience. 

This free members-only webinar will last a maximum of one hour and include a question and answer session.

Attendance is free of charge for BSA members. To register, please email PwC will send you a link and instructions on how to attend the webinar in early May.

To help focus the presentation, please forward any questions you have/areas you would like covered to by 23 April.  Registration for attendance is open until 9 May.

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