VAT and free banking webinar

Wednesday, 19 June at 12 noon

This is the latest instalment in a series of webinars to discuss various issues facing the building society sector.

This is a follow up session to the webinar that we hosted in March with HMRC and PwC. We are aware that some of the comments made by HMRC in respect of VAT caused concern among a number of participants.  Please note this webinar is only open to those societies that registered for the first session.  

This session is intended to discuss the points raised in more detail so that you can form a better view as to the likely extent of any impact on your society. In particular, this webinar will address the issues raised in respect of VAT consequences of free banking.

The short webinar will be hosted by PwC’s building society sector tax leader Susie Holmes with a presentation by Simon Aldersley, PwC’s building society VAT specialist.

Presentation of around 20 minutes, followed by Q&A 
To register, please email

A link and instructions on how to attend the webinar will then be sent by PwC nearer the time.

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