Urgent Covid-19 Support Standards

Information from the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute

To help building societies and other essential services firms, understand the challenges customers are currently facing and how to help, the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute has published a set of urgent Covid-19 mental health customer service standards.

These are practical steps that building societies can take to help customers experiencing distress —  such as ensuring that people don’t get cut off at this critical time, and proactively letting customers know about tools firms offer to help them manage their finances. 

Implementing these measures won't take additional resources or much time - many will already be doing most of these things, others will just be little tweaks. But they will make a big difference in giving a lifeline to customers who are struggling to cope, as well as easing pressure on front-line staff.

Download the Urgent Covid-19 Customer Support Standards here.


Katie Wise

Policy & External Affairs Officer

Tel: 0207 520 5904 katie.wise@bsa.org.uk