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There is a lot more to personal finance than savings and mortgages.

Take a look at this section if you would like to know more about avoiding fraudsters, complaining if you have an issue with your provider, helping someone without mental capacity, or investigating your rights as a building society member.

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What are PIBS?

Explains what PIBS are, plus the advantages and disadvantages for investors.

  • Date: 15 June 2014
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Your Rights as a Building Society Member

As a member of a building society you are more than just a customer; unlike a depositor with, or borrower from, a bank you have certain rights to receive information and to voice your opinions on the way your building society is run. This leaflet explains what your rights are and how to exercise them.

  • Date: 22 May 2014
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How do I set up a new building society?

Basic details of what is required to establish a new building society.

  • Date: 15 May 2014
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The Building Societies Act 1986 - A BSA Summary Sixth Edition

A brief summary of the Building Societies Act 1986 (revised in July 2009).

  • Date: 05 December 2013
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Credit Unions

This factsheet explains what credit unions are, what services they offer and how you can find and join a credit union.

  • Date: 23 October 2013
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Complaints about a Financial Services Organisation

How can I make a complaint about a financial services organisation?

  • Date: 16 October 2013
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Learn how you can protect yourself against the different types of fraud

  • Date: 15 October 2013
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Guidance for people wanting to manage a bank account for someone else

If you are managing an account on behalf of someone else, this factsheet will describe the circumstances in which this is possible and will give you details on how it can be done.

  • Date: 28 May 2013
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