Mortgages and housing

Building societies have a strong tradition of helping people to buy their own home. Whether you are looking to buy for the first time, move up the housing ladder, are thinking about building your own home, or are interested in alternative ways to get started - it is worth taking a look at this section.

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Leasehold homes: CMA enforcement action for leasehold mis-selling

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced on the 4th September 2020 that it is taking enforcement action against four leading housing developers in relation to the sale of leasehold properties

  • Date: 04 September 2020
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Help to Buy

There are a number of schemes available to help you purchase a home. This FAQ provides some basic facts and links to where to find further information.

  • Date: 03 August 2020
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Government guidance for those who are close to moving house or looking to buy or sell a home

The Government has issued detailed guidance for those who are close to moving house and those who are looking to buy or sell a home at this difficult time.

  • Date: 27 March 2020
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Can't pay your mortgage?

If something happens and you can't make your mortgage payments help is on hand.  Find out here where to go for help and guidance. 

  • Date: 02 February 2020
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Building societies' lending age limits and retirement interest-only mortgages

This factsheet details the maximum age limits that individual building societies will consider lending to.

  • Date: 08 October 2019
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Building on the Bank of Mum and Dad

The Bank of Mum and Dad – now a top 10 unofficial UK 'lender' – is already playing a positive role. How we promote and broaden its contribution in future years will be key to sustaining a healthy housing market.

  • Date: 13 November 2018
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Lenders help 'mortgage prisoners'

Lenders have agreed to help existing borrowers on reversion rates who are up-to date with repayments but because of stricter affordability criteria are currently ineligible to move to an alternative product provided by their lender.

  • Date: 20 August 2018
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Regulator urges action on interest-only mortgages

People with interest-only mortgages are being urged to contact their lender after the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) found that many have still not talked to their lender about their repayment options.
Nearly one in five mortgage customers have an interest-only mortgage and the FCA is concerned that shortfalls in repayment plans could lead to people losing their homes.

  • Date: 30 January 2018
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What do the new mortgage regulations mean for you?

In April 2014 new rules came into force which changed the way that the sale of mortgages is regulated. Find out what these changes will mean and how they will affect you.

  • Date: 26 April 2014
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Mortgage applications: looking at life events

Guidance for mortgage applicants in relation to future changes in their circumstances

  • Date: 27 November 2013
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Useful links

If you want to make a complaint or need money advice this factsheet will give you a round up of some links you may find useful. 

  • Date: 21 October 2013
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