Industry Responses

As well as proactively campaigning, the BSA frequently comments on consultative papers issued by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority, and by Government departments such as the Treasury or the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. 

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Regulation of insolvency practitioners, review of the regulatory landscape.

The BSA has responded to the consultation which examines the currently system of Recognised Professional Bodies (RPBs) regulating insolvency practitioners.



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Financial Services Future Regulatory Framework Review

BSA calls for parity for mutuals, "think small first", and some legislative updating.

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Labour's new deal for leaseholders

The BSA has responded to Labour's proposals for leaseholders.

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Pillar 2 liquidity: PRA 110 reporting frequency threshold

Large building societies have confirmed they are able to report the PRA 110 on a daily basis in times of specific or market liquidity stress – but warn there could also be resource implications to such a move.  

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Making Home Ownership Affordable

The BSA response to the MHCLG Discussion Paper on shared ownership.

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BSA responds to Financial Ombudsman Service funding proposals

New funding proposals from the Financial Ombudsman Service run counter to the principle of 'polluter pays' with more cost falling on those firms with fewer complaints.  The BSA has responded to the ombudsman's consultation.

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Our response to HMRC consultation on maturing child trust funds - draft regulations

We support HMRC's move to ensure that maturing CTFs do not lose their tax advantaged status post-maturity.  BSA and its members contributed to the response facilitated by industry group, TISA.

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Response to DP19/2 Intergenerational Differences Paper

BSA response to the FCA discussion paper on intergenerational differences between Baby Boomers, Gen X and millennials, and their differing financial outcomes.

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Response to Building a Safer Future

BSA response to an MHCLG consultation proposing a new regulatory framework for building safety.

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