Industry Responses

As well as proactively campaigning, the BSA frequently comments on consultative papers issued by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority, and by Government departments such as the Treasury or the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. 

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Claims management: how we propose to regulate CMCs

We endorse the FCA’s underlying objectives for the CMC industry to be well regulated and properly focused on the fair treatment of customers.  We believe that, despite significant resource constraints, the Ministry of Justice has been a good regulator, but the time is right for the FCA to assume the role.

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BSA response to FCA Mortgage Market Study: Interim Report MS16/2

The BSA response to the FCA Consultation

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Modernising Consumer Markets - Consumer Green Paper

The BSA response to the Department of Business, Energy and Industry Strategy.

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Credit risk mitigation

The BSA responded briefly to PRA's CP 6/18 on this subject.

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Basel 4 - implementation in the EU

BSA submits response to Commission's brief exploratory consultation, and argues strongly for greater proportionality.

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FCA Mission: Our Approach to Competition

The BSA responds to the FCA consultation

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Cash ratio deposits

We argue the pool of contributors should be widened beyond deposit takers.

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Our response to HMRC's BBSI improvement proposals

It is clear from the original BBSI proposals, the revised versions, and from follow-up meetings with officials that the MTD plans are vague and aspirational with little consideration of the practical aspects of their implementation.  Some changes are scheduled for the 2018/ 19 return which gives financial institutions (and HMRC) no time to prepare. 

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FCA Mission: Our Future Approach to Consumers

The BSA's response to the FCA's consultation.

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