Carbon-neutral member communications

21 January 2021

Print is perceived as a necessary evil. The assumption is that print, by nature, is environmentally damaging - trees come down, paper goes out. At the same time, the reality is that printing and posting communications to your members is largely unavoidable. The question is then, is there a genuinely green way to do this without full digital migration?

This free webinar, hosted by Latcham, will guide you through making the right choices to ensure your communications have as little environmental impact as possible, exploring:

  • The carbon cost of both physical and electronic communications
  • Making a genuine commitment to the environment, not just greenwashing
  • The bigger picture, and how every decision you make can help your journey to net-zero
  • Your place in that journey, and how you can get there faster

This event will be led by Latcham's Specialist Client Director for financial services, Gordon Mackinnon, who will be joined by Latcham's membership expert David Lonie.

11:00am - 12:00pm

Free of charge

Registration is via the online form.

Please direct any enquiries to:

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