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No.1 CopperPot celebrates 30 years in business

We would like to send a huge ‘congratulations’ to one of the BSA’s newest and youngest members, as they approach a landmark anniversary; 30 years in business.

Manchester-based No.1 CopperPot, which serves police officers and their families, will mark the occasion with an afternoon of celebration at the Manchester Police Museum and Archives today.

When CopperPot first opened for business in 1986 - in a world before smartphones, or even text messaging - Chris de Burgh’s Lady in Red was topping the charts and the UK had a female Prime Minister (some things don’t change!).

Since then, CGI has been invented, the Berlin Wall has been torn down and a little thing called the internet has become mainstream in homes and businesses around the world. Price comparison websites have paved the way for consumers to find the best deals, the National Lottery has made ordinary people millionaires and the world has become a little more connected with the ground-breaking unveiling of the Channel tunnel…

A lot has happened in 30 years. Yet through all of the world’s distractions, No.1 CopperPot Credit Union has prospered and grown, providing its members with the characteristically human, competitive and service-driven approach that the mutual sector is famous for. The BSA would like to wish No.1 CopperPot a happy 30th anniversary, here’s to many more.

Posted by The BSA Team on 12 August 2016