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Guest blog: Driving member engagement at AGMs

By BSA Associate member, Paragon CC

Annual General Meetings are essential opportunities to connect with members, and help shape the Society’s future. Logistics like secure voting, traceability, compliance and pre & post communications are no longer barriers to a successful meeting.

It’s a disappointing reality that on average 87% of members don’t vote. Engaging with the membership base in an interesting, relevant way is clearly essential. However, two important aspects are often overlooked - channel preference, and harnessing technology to bring voting into the member’s mobile world.

A Digital First strategy means ensuring email addresses are captured – and correctly opted-in – at each stage of the customer journey. AGM communications can then be segmented, very cost effectively, according to the profile of each member. Allowing, for example, younger members to be inspired differently to older members, or regular voters to receive more detail on motions, compared to a high-level summary for first time voters.

An omni-channel approach ensures members without an email address; those with hard bounces; and any non-openers are delivered an SMS or postal communication to raise participation rates. Other industries have experienced 20-30% uplifts adopting this strategy.

Mobile is now the de-facto communication channel for all age groups. Postal voting is therefore out of step with most people’s daily interactions. Developments in e-voting technologies allow for secure, traceable, and regulatory compliant elections, ballots, referenda and AGM motion voting. The goal is to increase AGM participation, and the overall number of members enjoying a larger stake in the future of the Society.

Paragon Customer Communications are the acknowledged experts in regulatory communications and technologies to support omni-channel and e-voting. Please contact Peter Toole at for an in-confidence discussion.

Posted by Peter Toole on 15 August 2018