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Standing out for the right reasons

19 December 2016

Earlier in the year I wrote about the Summer of 2016 being a period that future generations would study in their history lessons. As events have continued to unfold during the Autumn, it continues to feel that we really are living through history in the making…

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Investment in staff, results in the workplace: MSc Leadership and Management programme

13 December 2016

We catch up with some of the first wave of MSc Leadership and Management students to see how this personal investment from across the building society sector is paying off for them and their societies…

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Harnessing financial technology in building societies

06 December 2016

The history of financial services is fascinating. Of course, we all know that money has been around for a very long time in many different shapes and forms. It started with the simple bartering of goods, and later developed into the use of objects such as cowrie shells as currency. Today

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