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Guest blog: Adapt and thrive: UK Mortgage Efficiency Survey panel discussion

As we head into 2021, staying nimble and finding ways to work more efficiently is key. 

This was something we highlighted in our 2020 Mortgage Efficiency Report earlier in the year, but for all firms, the question is where to focus your attention and what to do?

To help answer this, we invited experts from the building societies sector to join an online panel discussion to revisit the survey results and look ahead to what’s coming next.

Recorded in November 2020, I was joined by Tracy Simpson from Cambridge Building Society, Carolyn Thornley-Yates from Hinckley & Rugby Building Society, Darren Ditchburn from Darlington Building Society, Rob Thickett from BSA and hosted by Matt Smith.

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Posted by Steven Carruthers on 16 December 2020