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Guest blog: Data subject access requests- Latest essential advice for mutuals

Walker-Morris.jpgThe extent of a data controller's obligations to respond to data subject access requests (DSARs), and in particular the interaction with legal privilege and litigation, has featured in a number of recent high profile cases.

Mutuals should already be familiar with individuals' rights to request copies of their personal data and may have responded to myriad requests to date, but DSARs are today increasingly being used tactically, both prior to and alongside the litigation process.

It is vitally important that, as responsible data controllers handling often highly sensitive personal data, building societies and all those operating in the retail financial services industry deal promptly and properly with DSARs.

Walker Morris' Partner Louise Power, a specialist in retail financial services litigation and non-executive director of a local building society, reviews recent key DSAR judgments and offers her top tips for managing mutuals' increasingly important risks and responsibilities.

To read Louise's advice in full, please visit the Walker Morris blog.

This guest blog was originally published as part of Associate Knowledge by BSA Associate, Walker Morris.

Posted by Amy McCluskey on 03 July 2017