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Building societies extend their customer service lead over the banks

27 July 2018

Every six months the BSA commissions YouGov to ask customers of banks and building societies about the level of service they receive from their provider. Building societies have outperformed other providers on every aspect of service since the survey began two years ago in July 2016. The results in July 2018 show building societies continue to lead the way.

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Guest blog: Trade pact - US and UK savings banks share tips and challenges

26 July 2018

Originally published in American Banker magazine.

Building societies are the U.K.’s answer to mutual thrifts and credit unions. They stick to bread-and-butter banking, raising retail deposits and using that money to make mortgage loans in their communities. They also share many of the same challenges facing mutual banks in the United States. They want to know whether mutuality still has a place in the global financial system, and they wonder how to communicate their philosophy to the next generation.

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Guest blog: Shared parental leave - indirect discrimination

25 July 2018

Associate Knowledge: Guest blog from BSA Associate, EMW LLP

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Guest blog: Why should older members hold all the votes? Is it time to extend voting to young people within Britain’s building societies?

23 July 2018

A guest blog by Chris A'Court.

Can you still recall the time of your first vote? How was that for you? Most likely there was anticipation, closely followed by real excitement. Then recognition of a memorable moment of personal empowerment - a point when you really started making a difference....

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Guest blog: FCA consultation – assessing fairness of variation terms in financial services consumer contracts

18 July 2018

Associate knowledge: A guest blog by BSA Associate, Eversheds-Sutherland

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Guest blog: The 'mutual' benefits of technology - Helping customers to help themselves

13 July 2018

Associate Knowledge: Guest blog from BSA Associate, Walker Morris

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