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Guest blog: Using data and marketing technology to deliver transformed communications

While the advance of technology can sometimes bring new challenges and potential risk, the balance can be outweighed and used to deliver engaging and interactive experiences for members which simply weren’t possible a decade ago.

You may have heard about the recent trend for Digital Transformation across various sectors. Digital transformation is not necessarily about digital technology, but about the fact that technology helps people to solve their traditional problems. It also allows businesses to react quicker, more efficiently, while using up less of their budgets, helping them to focus their resources on improving their customers’ journeys in new and more innovative ways.

This transformation is happening to every industry, and the Building Society sector is no different. By transforming the way they operate, a society is able to introduce new products and services more quickly, support its growth ambitions and maintain financial efficiencies. The Society will also be able to offer digital services, increasingly preferred by younger demographics, to its members through online and mobile channels.

An increasing use of technology also brings a concurrent increase in the amount of customer data a building society is able to maintain. Utilising this data can enable a society to put members at the heart of what they do and deliver more personalised, effective communications with no extra outlay.

The power of a digital transformation strategy lies in its scope and purpose; less digitally mature organisations may focus on individual technologies and have strategies that are primarily operational in focus.

Specialist partners like Paragon Customer Communications have the expertise with communication planning, data and insight to deliver the end-to-end customer experiences your society needs.

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Posted by Peter Toole on 15 November 2018