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Proportionality in banking regulation: is Germany's “small banking box” proposal the answer?

Proportionality in banking regulation : is the German proposal for a “small banking box” the answer we have all been looking for? An idea whose time has come?

The thought-leader on this subject, Dr Andreas Dombret, an executive director of the Bundesbank, has spoken publicly about this issue several times over the last year and a half.

Read his latest speech: “ On the road to greater regulatory proportionality” – it may not sound too exciting, but it is regulatory dynamite – a cogent, coherent and practical exposition of the case for a more systematically proportionate and simpler way to regulate smaller deposit-takers.

The BSA welcomes Dr Dombret’s excellent contribution, and his proposals deserve as much support from our sector in the UK as they already command in Germany.

You can read the full speech on the Bundesbank website here.   

Posted by Jeremy Palmer on 28 September 2017