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Parliamentary briefings produced by the BSA

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Bank of England & Financial Services Bill Committee State (Lords)

The Bank of England & Financial Services Bill 2015 offers an important opportunity to solidify within legislation the Government’s commitment to promote real diversity in the financial services sector.

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National Savings & Investments future planning

NS&I's annual funding targets can be disruptive of the retail savings market if they require NS&I to attract a substantial share of new savings and can make it difficult for both banks and building societies to manage their funding.

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MCD - For European consultation

At a time when the UK Mortgage Market should be settling down after the new regime and utilising the breathing space to start to innovate for the changing demands of consumers post crisis, the market has had to once again redirect time, resource (both management time and money) to focus on regulatory change, this time in the form of the European Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD).

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The Building Societies (Floating Charges and Other Provisions) Order 2016

The Building Societies (Floating Charges and Other Provisions) Order 2016 makes a series of consequential changes to ensure the Building Societies Act is up to date and reflects current legislation and the operating environment for building societies.

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