Hinckley and Rugby Building Society

Head Office Contact Details

Address: Upper Bond Street, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 1NZ
Main switchboard: 01455 251234
Website: www.hrbs.co.uk

Press Office Contact Details

Andy Gilgrist
House PR, 1 Church Street, Cottingham, Leicestershire LE16 8XG
Telephone: 01536 772256
Mobile: 07989 562517
Email: andy@housepr.co.uk

Stewart Heeley
Marketing & PR Manager, Hinckley & Rugby Building Society (Principal Office)
Telephone: 01455 894028
Email: s.heeley@hrbs.co.uk

Twitter: @HinckleyRugbyBS

Photos available from: Andy Gilgrist

Contact us for

We offer a simple but competitive range of mortgage and savings products. We are based in Leicestershire and Warwickshire but offer many products nationally.

Contact us for any information, general or product specific, about the Hinckley & Rugby Building Society.

The Team

  Stewart Heeley, Marketing and PR Manager

Direct Line: 01455 894028
Email: s.heeley@hrbs.co.uk


Colin Fyfe, Chief Executive

Direct Line:  01455 894000
E-mail: c.fyfe@hrbs.co.uk
Spokesperson on any issues involving Hinckley & Rugby Building Society.
Andrew Payton, Finance Director and Deputy Chief Executive

Direct Line:  01455 894020
E-mail: a.payton@hrbs.co.uk

Spokesperson on any issues involving Hinckley & Rugby Building Society.



The BSA Team