Mansfield Building Society

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Address: Regent House, Regent Street, Mansfield, Nottingham, NG18 1SS
Main switchboard: 01623 676300
Fax: 01623 420261

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Our diverse range of mortgages, including flexible options for first time buyers (e.g. Family Assist), mortgages in (or extending into) retirement, Family and Holiday Buy to Let mortgages, and our specialist Versatility lending.

Our mutual approach to savings accounts - we value the loyalty of our existing savers and local residents of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire with exclusive Local and Loyal accounts. We also offer Community Saver Accounts where we donate to local charities via our Charitable Trust based on the total amount of balances held in these accounts.

Supporting local charities and community groups in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire through our Charitable Trust, Community Support Scheme and Work in the Community volunteering.

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Dale Twigger, Marketing Manager



Gev Lynott, Chief Executive





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