Stafford Railway Building Society

Head Office Contact Details

Address: 4 Market Square, Stafford. ST16 2JH
Main Switchboard: 01785 223212

Press Office Contact Details

Address: (as above)
Fax: 01785 250709

Out of Hours Contact(s): Ellen Pope: | Emma Parker:
Photos available from: Emma Parker 01785 223212

Contact us for

  • Information about our savings and mortgages products
  • Industry comment
  • How we achieve mutuality in a small business society
  • Our community and sponsorship programme
  • Information about our CEO, Susan Whiting, currently only one of two female CEOs in the building society sector.

The Team

Emma Parker
Business Development Manager

Ellen Pope
Marketing Communications
Email: (Monday and Tuesday)


Susan Whiting
Chief Executive

Jeremy Hodgkiss
Deputy Chief Executive