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Digital mutual virtual conference 2020

jason russell,
Last updated:
22 September 2020

The BSA’s fourth digital mutual conference will this year be taking place as a virtual event. First set up in 2018, the Digital Mutual is the only event in the industry calendar solely focused on digital transformation and the challenges and opportunities facing building s...

Guest blog: The future of cash - the vinyl of the banking industry

wayne duke,
Last updated:
06 October 2020

Ahead of his appearance at the BSA's Digital Mutual  on the 3rd and 4th November, Wayne Duke, principal architect at Sopra Banking Software, discusses the similarities between banking and the music industry. Could a push for digital services in banking compliment rather than...

Guest blog: Mortgage sector on the cusp of a digital revolution

nick lawler,
Last updated:
29 October 2019

By Pradeep Raman, Director of Digital Solutions, DPR Limited The Building Societies Association recently invited me to take part in a panel discussion as part of its Digital Mutual event in London. The topic of the session, how digital innovation is disrupting the mortgag...

Coaching the young to save via an app

robert thickett,
Last updated:
15 July 2020

Case studies showcasing how members are innovating within their organisations was set to be a key part of the BSA’s Digital Mutual at the postponed Annual Conference in May. Instead of the event and given the huge amount of innovation going on in our sector, despite the mark...