Employee culture survey

In 2018 23 BSA members took part in the annual culture survey, in which building society and credit union staff answered a series of questions relating to the culture at their organisation. Over 1,500 employees responded from across the sector, from large members to small.

Participating members were provided with a bespoke report, with analysis split by job role and tenure, also allowing them to compare their results to sector averages.

A summary of the headline results for the sector are as follows. Please note that averages are not weighted. The societies that participated in 2017 differs from those in 2018, so year on year comparisons are indicative.


On average, staff at building societies and credit unions said they felt very confident explaining the concept of mutuality to a customer, with a score of 7.8 out of 10. This is unchanged from 2017.

Staff across the sector say they are proud to work at their organisation, with a score of 8.5, up from 8.3 in 2017. Staff also say they feel aligned to their organisations values, with a score of 8.3, up from 8.1 in 2017.


Staff were asked how their organisation treats customers. The average scores (out of 4) were very high and improved slightly in some areas compared to 2017.

Staff were also asked about the working environment at their organisation. Scores had either improved or remained the same across the five questions asked.


Staff were asked to describe the culture at their organisation using three words or phrases. The top three were friendly, supportive, and trustworthy. A wordcloud of all words or phrases mentioned 30 times or more is below.