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ALMIS International are Asset Liability Management specialists with a strong reputation within the Building Society sector. ALMIS® is a comprehensive asset liability management solution developed specifically for building societies which deals with Margin Management, Liquidity Management, Interest Rate Risk, Regulatory Reporting and Solvency/Capital Management. ALMIS will not only look at your balance sheet position today but will also examine with clarity the impact on margin, liquidity and solvency of future plans.

The ALMIS® system consists of 7 Modules:

  • Market Risk: Evaluate margin variance to different changes in interest rates.

  • Liquidity Stress: Fully compliant with the Strengthening Liquidity Standard.

  • Financial Planning: Gain a clearer understanding of future positions.

  • Hedge Accounting: A powerful Hedge Accounting solution.

  • Capital Adequacy: Examine adequacy of capital resources.

  • Margin management & FTP: Highly customisable analysis and reporting of margin and Funds Transfer Pricing.

  • Regulatory Reporting: Comply with FSA (PRA), CRD IV(COREP/FINREP) and BoE regulatory reporting.

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