About us

Deloitte is one of the fastest growing professional services firms in the UK with offices in 20 locations and over 11,000 staff nationwide. We provide professional services and advice to many leading businesses, government departments and public sector bodies and publish many influential studies and thought leadership pieces in our own right. Deloitte delivers quality audits and comprehensive solutions to complex business challenges across a multitude of disciplines.

Over 2,000 professionals work in our largest industry sector; UK Financial Services. Within this practice, a dedicated building society group, led from Leeds, provides a unique integrated service approach that combines audit, tax, consulting and other advisory services. We provide external audit services to three of the top seven societies amongst others of all sizes. Deloitte delivers a breadth and depth of financial services expertise for a large part of the financial services sector.

Deloitte is committed to serving the building societies market and recognises the importance and advantages of mutuality. We believe in the importance of the customer; a culture we share. As a result we are the fastest growing building society practice in the UK.


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