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Independent and mutual, Bath Building Society is amongst the smaller Societies in Britain, with audited assets of £292m as at 31st December 2015.  Size, however is not a good measure of a Society’s financial strength, and indeed, smaller Societies are showing the greatest levels of financial strength and resilience in current market conditions.  Since the start of the financial crisis in 2007, Bath Building Society has made a priority of putting the safety of its customers first, and will continue to do so.

We are a local Building Society providing mortgages, savings and investments; we are passionate about giving our customers something special, something difficult to get elsewhere.

We see all of our customers as individuals rather than numbers. We always endeavour to provide our Members with attractive savings and mortgage rates. We hope that future Customers will be tempted to invest in a thriving local Society with its feet firmly on the ground and its heart in the community.

Because we are small, we don’t do things like the large financial institutions:

  • We don’t have call centres
  • Customers have access to the decision makers
  • We can offer much more flexibility in the way that we meet individual customers’ needs
  • We still offer a personal service in a world that is becoming more impersonal.

Although we operate throughout Britain, we enjoy great support from the City of Bath and its surrounding areas.  The Society can trace its origins back to 1904, when it was set-up originally as a Friendly Society.  It used Members’ investments to buy property to rent, becoming a Building Society in the 1950s, lending money for people in the City to buy their own homes.

The Society’s growth follows the growth of property ownership in Britain, with assets increasing from some £10m in 1980 to approximately £292m today (31.12.15).

Bath Building Society is a lender that specialises in niche mortgage products. The society is committed to supporting the local community via its sponsorship and charitable activities. The society also provides residential property management services via its subsidiary company Bath Property Letting.

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