Key pages of the BSA website

Signposting to key pages on the BSA website

The BSA produces a range of material for varied audiences.  We have signposted below pages that may be of use to you.

Key statistics

Facts and figures about building societies and other mutuals including building society assets, savings market and mortgage market statistics, the BSA Property Tracker research and a glossary of terms.

Consumer factsheets

These factsheets are designed to give you the information you need about savings, mortgages or the building society sector in general.

Track lost savings & old building societies

Through this page you can start to trace a lost savings account and find out what happened to a building
 society where the name no longer exists.

Press releases

You can view our latest press releases and comment here.


We produce a range of industry related newsletters, publications, factsheets and advice booklets.

Women in Finance

The BSA is proud to have signed up to the Women in Finance Charter.  We have committed to work to increase the number of women, as the under-represented gender in our small leadership team, to 30% by 2021.