Here you can find our publications, responses to consultation documents, mortgage instructions, statistics and sector job vacancies.

Credit unions

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We produce a range of industry related newsletters, publications, factsheets and advice booklets.

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Consumer factsheets

These factsheets are designed to give you the information you need about savings, mortgages or the building society sector in general. Feel free to print off, share or download the information below.

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Industry Responses

As well as proactively campaigning, the BSA frequently comments on consultative papers issued by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority, and by Government departments such as the Treasury or the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. 

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Mortgage instructions

For those property transactions involving a mortgage, conveyancers and solicitors acting for lenders will usually follow standard conveyancing instructions and any specific requirements as set out by the lender providing the mortgage.

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Track lost savings & old building societies

This search facility will tell you what has happened to a building society that no longer exists and provides a link to its successor's website, where appropriate. If the society has been dissolved it means that it has ceased business and there is no successor body.

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