Women in Finance Charter

The BSA is proud to have signed up to the Women in Finance Charter.

WIF.jpgThe Building Societies Association was proud to sign up to the Women in Finance Charter in 2017.  We originally committed to work to increase the number of women, as the under-represented gender in our small leadership team, to 30% by 2021, and were delighted to have exceeded the target in advance of that date, during 2020.

Our positive action includes an insistence on gender balanced  diverse long lists from any recruitment agencies that we work with.  

The BSA already operates equal opportunity employment policies.  We do not discriminate on the grounds of a person's gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin or disability in the employment of staff, or in our consideration of candidates for employment at any level.

The BSA works to ensure there is also equality of opportunity, regardless of hours worked.  All conditions of service, including pay and staff benefits, transfer and promotion opportunities apply on a fair and equal basis to every member of staff.

Our 2022 Update

We are pleased to report that 42.9% of our full time senior management team are female. 

We remain 100% committed to fostering broad workplace diversity and the Women in Finance Charter. 

For more information on the Women in Finance Charter, please visit the Gov.uk website.


Our 2019 update

Even with only 27 staff, the BSA was proud to sign up to the Charter in November 2017 when we had 25% female representation in our small leadership team. As of 15 August 2019 we still have 25% female representation in senior management (on a full-time basis).  There has been no change because, as it happens, there has been no turnover in the senior leadership team during the review period. That said, we believe that we are on track to meet our Charter target of 30% by our deadline which is the end of 31 December 2021.

Since becoming a Charter signatory, we have revamped our recruitment processes making the stages pre-interview gender, age and ethnicity agnostic.  We have built our target into our succession planning and continue to conduct diversity training.


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