Consumer factsheets

These factsheets are designed to give you the information you need about savings, mortgages or the building society sector in general. Feel free to print off, share or download the information below.

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The building society difference

Building societies are owned by their savers and borrowers, not by external shareholders. This difference is reflected in everything that they do, including offering better interest rates, providing superior customer service, receiving fewer complaints and supporting regional economies.

  • Date: 24 November 2021
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Savings and banking

Building societies fund most of their mortgage lending from consumer savings. Most societies have about eight savers for every one borrower and they work hard to balance the rates they charge borrowers and pay savers.

Find out more about saving with a building society in this section.

  • Date: 20 May 2020
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Mortgages and housing

Building societies have a strong tradition of helping people to buy their own home. Whether you are looking to buy for the first time, move up the housing ladder, are thinking about building your own home, or are interested in alternative ways to get started - it is worth taking a look at this section.

  • Date: 20 May 2020
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Financial Education

Financial education activities and exercises for children, parents and carers to use.

Financial education charity MyBnk also offers a range of video sessions you can access here. 


  • Date: 17 April 2020
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General Information

There is a lot more to personal finance than savings and mortgages.

Take a look at this section if you would like to know more about avoiding fraudsters, complaining if you have an issue with your provider, helping someone without mental capacity, or investigating your rights as a building society member.

  • Date: 03 December 2013
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