Self and Custom Build

Useful information for those wanting to start a self or custom build project

What is Custom & Self Build?

The term self build can be misleading as relatively few individuals physically build their own home. A typical self builder may do some of the work but primarily they manage the process of building their own home including finding the plot and engaging the different parties in the build. A custom build approach more typically involves a prepared plot of land with services already supplied and a single main contractor for the build. Joint research from the BSA and NaCSBA is available here.

Self build is where you find a plot of land, determine the design of your home, and then select a contractor to build it.

Custom build is where you buy a pre-prepared plot of land and then engage with a specialist design and build contractor to construct it.

National Custom & Self Build Association (NaCSBA)

NaCSBA works with Governments and the wider industry to promote the self build and custom build sector. For more information about NaCSBA, a link to its website is available here

For news and information about the self build sector, NaCSBA also runs a Government endorsed website called the Self Build Portal. A link to the website is available here.

Right to Build 

Since 1 April 2016, the Right to Build requires local authorities in England to maintain a register of people and groups in their area who want to have a role in an owner-commissioned home, whether that be for Custom Building, Self Building or through community-led housing, such as cohousing or Community Land Trusts. People can either sign up as individuals, or as groups of people who want to build together.

Everyone in England is entitled to sign up to the Right to Build registers in their neighbourhood, under the Right to Build legislation.

Which building societies lend on self and/or custom build projects?

The following building societies provide finance for self and/or custom build projects.  Contact them directly for more information:

Bath Building Society

Beverley Building Society

Buckinghamshire Building Society

Chorley Building Society

Darlington Building Society

Dudley Building Society

Earl Shilton Building Society

Ecology Building Society

Furness Building Society

Hanley Economic Building Society

Loughborough Building Society

Mansfield Building Society

Melton Mowbray Building Society

Penrith Building Society

Progressive Building Society

Saffron Building Society

Scottish Building Society

Stafford Railway Building Society

Suffolk Building Society

Swansea Building Society

Vernon Building Society