BEIS improving home energy performance through lenders consultation

The BSA has concerns about the potential side-effects from these proposals and impacts on the housing market.

The BSA has responded to the BEIS consultation on improving home energy performance through lenders.

In our response:

  • The BSA stresses that building societies support the UK's goal of meeting Net Zero and the BSA has established a Green Finance Taskforce to explore how we can play our role.
  • While EPCs are the most established form of data on energy efficiency, there are concerns about their accuracy and validity.
  • Basing regulations on imperfect EPC data as proposed could cause adverse consequences.
  • The BSA is supportive of a proportionate approach which balances disclosure with the impact on smaller lenders.
  • We have serious concerns about the proposal for league tables, as this could have negative side-effects on the housing market.
  • We are also concerned about a system of targets based on average EPCs, particularly if penalties are attached. Ultimately homeowners are responsible for improving the energy efficiency of homes and it would appear unfair to penalise lenders when they have limited tools.

See the full response here.