Rebuilding Business for Society

This report discusses how a greater variety of business ownership models can better meet society’s needs, how ownership determines who gets the value created by the business, how culture is shaped, purpose is delivered, and the business environment that is needed to support the growth in different types of firm.

The research in the report shows that who owns a business is an important factor in shaping how it responds to meeting the needs of society.  Rebuilding the corporate ecosystem to enable different forms of business to thrive can give greater voice to various groups in society, including consumers, employees and local communities.

This year, the way we view the world changed.  The Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare existing social and economic divides in our country.  But it has also demonstrated that we rely on the people around us more than we might have ever realised.  Businesses of all types that embrace the spirit of togetherness seen in recent months can help to build a more sustainable future for everybody.

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Andrew Gall

Head of Savings & Economics

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