Society Matters: Summer 2023

The Summer 2023 edition of Society Matters has been published.

The Summer 2023 edition of Society Matters has been published.

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In this edition we look back at the Building Societies Conference which took place in Liverpool in early May. With 834 people attending across the two days, plus 53 exhibitors, 10 sponsors, and 76 people providing information, views and opinion, it was a particularly vibrant and thought provoking event.

Full details of the edition:

  • Arman Tahmassebi, Chief Operating Officer, LendInvest: Digitising the house buying process
  • Debbie Crosbie, Chief Executive Officer, Nationwide Building Sociey: The Modern Mutual Challenge
  • Rodney E. Hood, member of the Board of the U.S. National Credit Union Administration: Financial services providers should focus on meeting society's needs
  • Sacha Romanovitch, CEO, Fair4All Finance: How do you build your future?
  • Philippa Cardno, CEO, Newbury Building Society and Gareth Griffiths, CEO, Ecology Building Society:  Decarbonising housing in the UK: driving greater consumer action
  • Ruth Doubleday, Head of Prudential Regulation, BSA: Strong and SImple RUles: Keep the baby, throw out the bath water
  • Jerry During, CEO, Money A+E: Let's end the Ethnicity premium and its impact on financial resilience
  • Akil Benjamin, COMUZI and Erel Onojobi, Impact on Urban Health: Open Banking and vulnerable communities - can it help?
  • Darrell Jaggers, First West Credit Union, Kate Moore, Nationwide Building Society and Steph Alston, Skipton Building Society: Taking an agile approach to digital transformation
  • Rachel Kolebuk: Chief Customer Officer, Melton Building Society: Three Leicestershire building societies unite to tackle cost of living crisis
  • Tina Hughes, director and ethnicity colleague network sponsor, Yorkshire Building Society: Pronouncing a name - how hard can it be?
  • Robin Fieth, Chief Executive, BSA: Some unanswered questions