Queen's Speech 2017

In the Queen’s Speech published in June 2017 a total of 27 bills were announced including:

  • Repeal Bill to allow for a smooth and orderly transition as the UK leaves the EU, ensuring that, wherever practical, the same rules and laws apply after exit and therefore maximising certainty for individuals and businesses
  • International Sanctions Bill to support our role as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a leading player on the world stage, by establishing a new sovereign UK framework to implement international sanctions on a multilateral or unilateral basis
  • Draft Tenants' Fees Bill to tackle unfair fees on tenants and will make the private rental market more affordable and competitive
  • Financial Guidance and Claims Bill to combine three financial advice bodies into one, ensuring that people across the UK are able to seek the help and advice they need to manage their finances
  • Data Protection Bill to fulfil a manifesto commitment to ensure the UK has a data protection regime that is fit for the 21st century

Alongside the legislation, the Government also made several non-legislative announcements, including:

  • Tackling the gender pay gap and discrimination, which referred to gender pay gap reporting
  • Housing, which referred to implementing the Housing White Paper and reforming leasehold
  • Consumer and Markets, which mentioned both contractual terms and reform of the house buying process

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