BSA and UK Finance issue joint comment on cladding

BSA and UK Finance comment on report by independent experts on building safety in medium and lower rise blocks of flats

Commenting on the expert panel report on the safety of medium and lower rise blocks of flats with cladding and the Ministerial Statement from the Housing Secretary which followed, the BSA and UK Finance issued a joint statement:

“Flats should be safe places to live so we welcome the government’s expert panel view that there is no systemic risk from fire in medium and lower rise blocks.

“We also welcome the actions the government has outlined today, including the withdrawal of the current Consolidated Advice Note on cladding, and urge them to continue to work with relevant stakeholders to ensure all documents, including the RICS guidance, align with the views of the expert panel.

“Once these changes are made, both borrowers and lenders should be in a clearer position and know what is expected of them.”

Notes to Editors

  1. The independent expert statement on building safety in medium and lower rise blocks of flats can be found here
  2. The Ministerial statement from the Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick, can be found here
  3. The press release from MHCLG can be found here