Building society customer service

Twice a year, the BSA comissions YouGov to ask customers of building societies, banks, and other financial service providers a number of questions in regards to the service they receive.

In November 2023 YouGov asked 2,083 adults if they agreed, or diagreed with six statements. The results show that building societies outscored other providers in each category. 


95% of building society customers said their provider offered good customer service, 10 percentage points higher than customers of other providers. 86% of building society customers said their provider offered competitive rates, compared to just 72% of customers of other providers.

The full results for November can be found in the table below.

Customer service statements. Percentage in agreement (excludes those who said don't know Building societies All other providers
My provider provides good customer service 95% 85%
My provider offers competitive rates 86% 72%
I can trust my provider to act in my best interests 88% 73%
I would recommend my provider to my friends and family 92% 79%
I feel as though my provider treats me fairly as a customer 93% 84%
My provider is an important part of the community/ communities in which it operates 78% 53%