Mutual Vision Building Society Guide 2020, available now

Download the Mutual Vision Building Society Guide 2020 here.

MV-Guide-2020.pngDownload the guide here.

Mutual Vision's handy guides have become somewhat of a staple at the BSA Annual Conference. With the 2020 conference being postponed due to the pandemic, the Mutual Vision Building Society Guide 2020 has gone digital.

Mutual Vision commented:

"They say necessity is the mother of invention, well that certainly applies here since as you know we usually print and distribute the guide at the BSA Annual conference which had to be postponed this year.

That means for the first time ever, the guide has been produced in a digital format enabling you to access the information from anywhere. We’re really passionate about producing this guide and we’d like to thank all the Societies for providing the information to us during this challenging time.

Our Top Tip! Add the Building Society Guide to the home screen on your device of choice for instant access. If you’re not sure how to do that, here’s some help!"