BSA comments on the Bacon Report on Self and Custom Build Housing

BSA comments following the publication of the independent review on housing


Following the publication of the review, Paul Broadhead, Head of Mortgage and Housing Policy at the BSA said:

“This report represents a welcome step in making self and custom build homes more mainstream in the housing market. We desperately need more homes of all tenures across the UK, and self and custom build has a key role to play in this. 

"The majority of lenders who are active in the self-build market are small and regional building societies, whose more bespoke approach to underwriting and releasing funds has often been necessary with these mortgages.

“However, the advent of custom build and the widespread provision of serviced plots provides an opportunity to streamline the custom build part of the market. There is an opportunity for mortgage lenders, custom build housing providers, Government and regulators to work together and seize this opportunity to bring a step-change to our housing supply and provide some long overdue choice and additionality.

"To achieve the lofty ambition of 100,000 properties a year would require significant changes across many areas including insurers and mortgage brokers, as well as an increase in appetite from larger lenders." 


The Report can be downloaded here

More information about self and custom build can be found here