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  • Posted: 10 Oct 2023

Powering your ambitious CX goals with seamless customer communications


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A free webinar hosted by BSA Associate, Quadient

In the realm of UK Building Societies, where customer interactions are paramount for fostering sustainable growth, the delivery of seamless, personalized customer communications is of utmost importance. Surprisingly, a remarkable 88% of firms, according to Forrester, express discontent with their management of customer interactions throughout the customer journey.

In an era where customers engage across a multitude of channels, encompassing traditional avenues like email and mail, as well as contemporary digital platforms and social media, dissatisfaction with handling these interactions underscores the necessity for a comprehensive re-evaluation of Customer Communication Management (CCM) practices.

CCM has emerged as a pivotal focus area for UK Building Societies, aiming to optimize solutions, bridge communication gaps, and elevate overall customer experiences. Nevertheless, the road to effective CCM implementation often faces hurdles such as perceived complexity, prolonged deployment timelines, and uncertainty surrounding return on investment (ROI).

To successfully navigate these challenges and unlock the full potential of modern CCM solutions, professionals within UK Building Societies should participate in our forthcoming session. Are you eager to comprehend how a contemporary CCM solution can propel your Building Society's growth aspirations? Are your members increasingly interacting with your organization through multiple channels? Is achieving rapid ROI, ensuring compliance, and swift implementation a top priority in your solution evaluation process?

Join us on October 25th at 11:00 AM BST for an insightful session, featuring industry experts from Espire Infolabs and Quadient.

Key Takeaways for UK Building Societies:

  1. Transformational Capabilities of Modern CCM: Acquire profound insights into how modern CCM solutions can revolutionize your Building Society's communication strategies. Explore the flexibility and adaptability these solutions offer, perfectly aligned with the ever-evolving landscape of UK Building Societies.
  2. Enhancing Member Journeys: Discover strategies to elevate member journeys and enhance engagement levels. Learn how personalized, timely, and relevant communications can foster member satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately advancing your societal objectives.
  3. Swift, Cost-Effective CCM Implementation: Access real-world examples of how Building Societies in the UK achieve swift yet cost-effective CCM implementation. Understand best practices and strategies that ensure a seamless transition, preserving member trust and satisfaction.
  4. Bridging the IT-Business Divide: Learn how to bridge the gap between IT capabilities and business demands during CCM solution implementation. Align your technology investments with your overarching societal goals, ensuring a harmonious and efficient process.
  5. Achieving Compliance and Security with Agility: Explore effective methods for achieving compliance and security while maintaining the agility and flexibility demanded by the UK Building Societies sector. Discover solutions that safeguard sensitive member data while adapting to evolving regulatory requirements.

Our experts from Espire Infolabs and Quadient bring extensive experience in assisting leading Building Societies in the UK in transforming their member communications, driving enhanced growth and societal well-being. 

Whether you're navigating the intricacies of CCM, aiming to improve member journeys, or seeking to strike the ideal balance between compliance and agility, this event is tailored to your needs. Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of CCM and its role in achieving sustainable growth within the realm of UK Building Societies.

Register today for the October 25th session at 11:00 AM BST. Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to stay competitive in the ever-evolving world of member communications for Building Societies in the UK.

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  Wednesday, 25 October 2023

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  11:00am - 12:00pm

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  Free to attend 

Quadient offers a comprehensive portfolio of CXM technology, providing organizations with the means to revolutionize customer experiences through a spectrum of on-premise and SaaS solutions. With a global footprint, Quadient extends its support to numerous clients and partners across diverse industries such as banking, financial services, insurance, and service providers – including being members of the Building Societies Association.