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  • Posted: 08 Jan 2024

The Evolution of RegTech: Futureproofing in the Financial Sector


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A free webinar hosted by BSA Associate, Suade Labs

Banks worldwide are recognising the pivotal role of RegTech as regulatory requirements surge.

In this Suade webinar, we will bring together financial leaders and innovators in the space to explore recent developments, discuss how financial institutions can better prepare, examine the challenges of implementation, and project what this year holds. 

Explore the evolving landscape and future directions in Regulatory Technology through an insightful webinar hosted by Suade, featuring industry experts: Dawd Haque from Deutsche Bank specializing in Market Initiatives, Regulatory Transformation & Strategy; Mike Coetzee, an expert in Regulatory Reporting and Prudential Data at Cynergy Bank; Rohini Gupta, CEO of FinregE; and Samir Dahmani, Vice President of RegTech at Suade.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest regulatory and technological landscapes. Learn about key trends from 2023 and anticipated changes for 2024. Discover how AI, blockchain, and fintech are revolutionising regulatory compliance.
  • Understand how AI is transforming data analysis and regulatory intelligence. Explore real-world examples of AI-driven solutions enhancing regulatory adherence and anomaly detection. Delve into the challenges of AI implementation in banking, and learn about global executive orders shaping AI's role in compliance.
  • Learn to align regulatory strategies with broader organisational goals through cloud computing. Discover the impact and future implications of cloud-based regtech solutions and uncover insights from regulatory sandbox initiatives.
  • Understand blockchain's specific use cases in regulatory compliance. Explore the significance of Distributed Ledger Technology in finance and its challenges, including interoperability. Learn how blockchain is transforming AML regulations worldwide.
  • Identify emerging trends in RegTech and their potential impacts. Prepare for upcoming changes and stay ahead in the financial sector.

Speakers include:


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  Thursday, 25th January 2024

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  16:00 - 16:30

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  Free to attend - BSA Members only

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