Guest blog: The light at the end of the tunnel

Guest blog by BSA Associates, Gateway Surveyors

By BSA Associate, Gateway Surveyors

In surveying circles, 2020 has been a year like no other, as surveying services did something never seen before, other than on Christmas Day, in that it just stopped.  In the light of the growing COVID pandemic the surveying industry demanded creative thinking throughout to ensure that it played its part in supporting the continuing movement of the housing market.

Where access to properties became increasingly limited, if not completely prohibited, products had to be developed so that surveying services could continue in a safe manner for all concerned.  There are very limited options available but surveyors have adapted and can now use a number of ways to produce reports safely including a combination of desktop valuations, visits to the property’s exterior with internal photos and questionnaire being supplied by the occupant. And finally, a video call where surveyors direct the occupant around the property, recording it for later analysis.  In addition, with the focus very much on the green agenda, where many of our lenders are now offering a green mortgage product, this is a perfect solution in ensuring carbon emissions remain low.

The road back to the new normal has had its challenges with surveyors now visiting houses looking like extras from Silent Witness, working under a raft of very sensible rules and regulations designed to protect both the residents and the visiting surveyors alike. Now we’re back on firm footings in a buoyant market with proactive support from the Government by means of the freeze on stamp duty. That said with the green agenda in the limelight these solutions are here for the long term.

So, having taken the journey of a working lifetime, the industry has emerged at the end of the tunnel in a stronger, and perhaps more balanced position.

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